The worldwide payment system you will appreciate

Working with us will get you a reliable service, additional income and the pleasure of cooperation

New-generation payment system, which enables worldwide money transfers with benefits

  • Your entry into new markets

    Your bank or company can expand into new, lucrative markets. If you still hesitate, try to do it with us!

  • Additional sales channels

    Offer additional services to your customers. Allow them to choose a payment method and get an additional sales channel for yourself.

  • It is easy and convenient

    Simple IT integration and convenient money sending and receiving a solution with a minimum commission.

  • It is profitable

    You get your commission for every transfer made with your assistance. At the same time, your customer base is growing, which in the end will bring you additional profit.

R360 is a payment system that helps your customers
overcome financial boundaries

  • Over 50 countries for
    money transfers

    Forget about borders that separate countries. Your customers can now send and receive money wherever they work or live.

  • Customers
    pay less

    Our customers pay less for sending money to their friends and relatives. Low fees for sending and no fees for receiving money transfers.

  • Favorable currency
    conversion rate

    More profitable currency conversion rate for international money transfers due to direct cooperation with banks and payment systems. Besides, there is no double conversion!

  • The ability to make
    transfers online 24/7

    Customers are not limited by time frames. They can receive and send money to their friends and relatives at any convenient time.

  • No registration

    Your clients do not need to additionally register to join our transfer system. This is not required in our payment system, your customer remains yours!

  • High reliability and
    transaction security

    The recipient is guaranteed to receive their money. Our security system has the highest level of transaction protection. Moreover, the level of security does not depend on the transfer method.

We take care of all the
customers’ issues

24/7 technical support and the ability to ask a question through any communication channel

If our partners do not have the chance to respond regarding the transfer made by the client after hours, do not worry. Our technical support works around the clock. The client can call and write to us:

Training your staff

If necessary, we will train your staff so that money transfer issues are resolved easily and quickly, without tangible difficulties.

Security of money transfers is our
responsibility to your customers

All the information about money transfers from the participant to the payment system and from the payment system to the participant is transmitted through a secure connection using the TLS protocol - 1.2 or higher. Confidential customer information is stored in the database in encrypted form by the AES-256 algorithm.

Our employees have profound expertise in the remittance sphere and in various business processes, systems, and technologies that guarantee security to customers.

The company is developing and implementing comprehensive procedures for the prevention of fraudulent transactions, and has also developed a system for the automatic detection and prevention of fraud.

Learn more about security

Become a member or partner of the R360 system and discover new markets

Active growth in the number of participants and partners of the R360 payment system enables your customers to choose country, system, rates without borders.

You can find out more or fill out the documents and send them to us to conclude a contract. We have envisaged all the moments that protect the interests of the parties. You can learn more about the terms of cooperation from our manager. 

Discuss the individual terms of cooperation with the manager of R360.

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Remittance360 Ltd is a company registered in the UK and based at London headquarters. We work with international money transfers almost all over the world. We build most convenient, secure, cost-effective money transfer solution.

Maryna Niemkova, Founder and Executive Director

Maryna Niemkova is a co-founder and Executive Director of Remittance360. She has colossal experience in the creation and development of international payment systems, Maryna is responsible for the expansion of R360 to new markets. She led the effort to make R360 available in multiple markets in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Maryna Niemkova: ”World’s best practices of international money transfers in one payment system - R360. Join us”

Viktor Riazanov, Founder and Product Owner

Viktor Riazanov is a co-founder and product owner of Remittance360. In his role, Viktor leads the product strategy and the team responsible for its development. With over 15 years experience in digital and software companies his leadership, strategic thinking and operational effectiveness has benefited from his breadth of experience.

Viktor Riazanov: “We’re building money transfer system without borders”.

Mission statement

Our mission is to simplify remittance and make it as cheap as possible.

Remittance360 team`s: "We're focused on solving problems, rather than selling financial products."