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Fast Lane in Global Transfers

Our ecosystem seamlessly integrates services and financial institutions in one place


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bank account

Deposit money to bank account using IBAN

credit card

Send money directly to the recipient’s debit card details


Beneficiary may receive cash in the network of bank outlets

cash delivery

Your receipients may even get their transfer at home or other specified address


Send money to receipient’s electronic money account


Transfer money to your recepient’s mobile number

Benefits of our community

100+ countries for money transfers

Forget about borders that separate countries. Your customers can now send and receive money wherever they work or live

Competitive payout fees

Your customers pay less for sending money to their friends and relatives. Low fees for sending and no fees for receiving money transfers

Favorable FX rates

More profitable currency conversion rates for international money transfers due to direct cooperation with banks and payment systems

The ability to make transfers online 24/7

Customers are not limited by time frames. They can receive and send money to their friends and relatives at any convenient time

High reliability and transaction security

Benefit from top-tier data protection with our security measures. We encrypt data at rest and during transit, ensuring compliance with UK GDPR

Seamless integration and dedicated support

Integrate effortlessly with our robust API. Our technical team stands by, ensuring you receive unparalleled support and optimal performance.

Your fast track to global transfers




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Transfers delivered in less than 1 min

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We foster a diverse, international network of forward-thinking partners