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There are several options to connect your institution to the R360 money transfer network, including API integrations and web interface. Our team is committed to providing support at every stage, ensuring that the integration aligns with regulatory specifics and is as smooth as possible.

Integration Options

The R360 API is designed to facilitate a range of functionalities necessary for integrating with our payment system. It includes methods for tasks such as authentication, managing customers (both senders and recipients), initiating and adjusting transfers, handling refunds, managing trade points and services, and generating reports. The API is well-documented, and our team provides support at every stage of the integration process, ensuring a smooth experience. Typically, partners can complete the implementation within two weeks. For a detailed outline of API methods and functionalities, please visit our API documentation.
Integrating through a partner’s existing API is a feasible method; our technical team is proficient in adapting to align with your systems. During this integration, we ensure compliance through customization, addressing any unique requirements and challenges promptly. Additionally, there is the option for mutual API Integration, which involves the concurrent integration of both the R360 and the partner’s API. This approach optimizes the process for sending and payouts within the R360 network.
A user-friendly web interface is also available, offering an alternative means for initiating and managing transfers directly from our platform.

Testing Across Environments

Regardless of the chosen integration option, comprehensive testing is conducted across different services such as cash, card, and IBAN payouts. These tests encompass a variety of scenarios and are executed in different system environments, including Test, Demo, and finally Production, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the integration.

Support and Customization

Dedicated support is available at every step of the integration process, ensuring that every unique requirement and challenge is addressed promptly. All development is done in-house, which underlines our adaptability and readiness to tailor our solutions according to the diverse needs of each partner. This flexibility extends to compliance, as we adapt our logic and modify platform settings to meet local standards and regulations. Furthermore, we highly value and actively incorporate feedback from our partners to continually enhance our platform’s functionality and user experience.

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