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At R360, we prioritize providing tailored solutions to financial institutions, ensuring a clear and equitable fee structure. Here’s a closer look at how we determine our fees:

Tailored Quotations for Financial Institutions

We understand that every financial institution has unique needs and transactional patterns. Therefore, we quote our fees to financial institutions by constructing tailored offers. These offers take into account various factors such as transaction volumes, corridors, average transaction amounts, and the currency of payout.

Independence of Sending Institutions

Sending financial institutions play a crucial role in the transaction process, charging their customers based on their fee structures. We handle the payout side of the transaction, ensuring that the funds reach their intended recipients efficiently. It’s important to note that we do not dictate the fees charged to the end customer; this is determined by the sending institution according to their public offer. Your customer and the fees he pays remain yours.

Fees from Payout Partners

Payout partners connected to our platform charge us a fee for executing the payout. These fees are initially offered by payout partners and then negotiated based on the market conditions in the country of payout until we establish mutual commercial interest.

Adaptable to Market Dynamics

Our fee structure is adaptable to the ever-changing financial market dynamics. We continuously assess and adjust our fees based on market conditions, transactional trends, our underlying costs and the evolving needs of financial institutions and their customers.

At R360, we are committed to offering a transparent, fair, and adaptable fee structure. By working closely with financial institutions and considering various transactional factors, we ensure that our fees are equitable and reflective of the value we provide. Our approach builds trust and collaboration, facilitating smooth and efficient cross-border transactions.