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Transaction limits for sending transfers through our network are determined to ensure both security and compliance:

  1. AML Considerations: A foremost priority is our strict adherence to Anti-Money Laundering regulations. Both local and international AML guidelines for money remittance are considered.
  2. Risk Assessment: We evaluate the potential risks associated with each partner. Based on this assessment, transaction limits are set to balance operational needs while mitigating risks of illicit activities.
  3. Local Regulations: Beyond AML, we respect the specific financial transfer rules of different regions. This ensures that our partners can operate without facing regulatory hurdles.
  4. Specific partner needs: Partners may have policies requiring restrictions on transfer amounts beyond AML regulations. We may set lower limits if needed to match your risk management policy.

For specific transaction limit details tailored to your institution, remittance corridor and considering AML norms, we encourage a direct conversation with our team. Together, we can evaluate your needs and set limits that are both secure and efficient for your operations.