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Navigating through the various currencies is a pivotal aspect of international money transfers. At Remittance360, we have designed our platform to be flexible and adaptable, ensuring smooth and compliant transactions across the globe.

1. Sending currency

Any currency can be the sending currency, depending on the location of our sending partner. The responsibility for managing foreign exchange rests with the sending partner, who sets the margin and quotes the transfer amount in the settlement currency.

2. Payout currency

Our platform can process any payout currency, subject to technical capabilities and local regulations. The availability of certain payout currencies may be limited by local laws, ensuring all transactions remain within legal boundaries.

3. Balance and settlement currency

We primarily conduct settlements with partners in EUR, which is our functional and preferred currency for settlements. However, USD remains a viable option, offering flexibility and meeting the diverse needs of our partners.

4. Competitive currency exchange rates

We aim to offer the most competitive exchange rates, keeping our FX margins minimal. The rates are aligned with trusted sources such as,, or the official exchange rate, as stipulated by local regulators, as seen in Ukraine. This transparent and competitive approach is part of our commitment to delivering value to our partners.

For a tailored quotation and to explore how we can meet your currency needs, connect our business team today. Let’s build a lasting relationship, offering you reliable, efficient, and value-driven solutions.