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Our money transfer platform is engineered to offer a range of customization options to cater to the diverse needs of our partners. Here are the primary aspects that can be tailored:

We support multiple transfer methods, including cash payout, payout to card, e-wallet, and IBAN account. These can be adjusted and expanded upon request to accommodate specific partner needs or regional preferences.
The platform allows for the maintenance of multiple partner accounts for each settlement currency, facilitating tailored financial management for different services.
Open to collaboration, we are ready to discuss and implement the launch of new services (within the scope of our license), integrating new features or adjusting existing ones to meet the demands of our partners and the market.
Our in-house development team is prepared to modify algorithms and logic to align with varying compliance standards, regional regulations, or nuanced fee accrual logics.
Customization of reporting tools and analytics dashboards to provide insights relevant to each partner’s operational focus.
Adaptable settings to ensure adherence to local and international compliance standards and regulations, along with the ability to implement additional security measures as needed (i.e. implement additional AML checks).

In summary, our platform’s architecture is designed for adaptability, from adjusting transfer methods and account settings to implementing new services and modifying underlying algorithms. We actively seek feedback and collaboration with our partners to continually evolve and tailor our platform to meet the shifting demands of the financial landscape.