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Our API offers financial institutions a seamless way to execute, oversee, and reconcile transactions. Here is a structured breakdown of the features and functionalities available:

Sending Money Transfers

  • Available Services for Sending a Transfer: Explore the variety of services tailored for initiating money transfers.
  • Cost and Current Exchange Rate for Currency Conversion: Calculate the cost and obtain real-time exchange rates when currency conversion is necessary.
  • Required Customer Fields for Each Service:¬†This ensures all necessary customer information is available for each distinct service.
  • Customer and Beneficiary Registration: Register both customers’ and beneficiaries’ details.
  • Initiation of Sending the Transfer: Kickstart the transfer process with this function.
  • Confirmation of Sending the Transfer: Obtain verification and confirmation for every successful money transfer initiated.

Money Transfer Payout

  • Available Services for Payout: Explore the range of services designated for money transfer payouts.
  • Searching the Money Transfer Ready for Payout: Locate ready-for-payout money transfers with ease.
  • Initiating Payout: Employ this function to initiate the payout process for transfers.
  • Confirmation of Payout: Confirm and verify successful payout transactions.

Transfer Management

  • Transfer Refund: Initiate refund request for a transfer.
  • Changing Beneficiary of a Sent Transfer: Update beneficiary details as required for sent transfers.


  • List of Money Transfers for Daily Reconciliation: Access a list of money transfers for daily reconciliation.
  • Details of the Money Transfer: Retrieve details pertaining to specific money transfers.
  • Get Current Balance: Acquire real-time data on your current balances.

For further insights and technical specifications, please refer to our detailed API documentation here.