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At R360, we are committed to ensuring our partners’ experience with our platform advances smoothly from tech integration to daily operations. We provide comprehensive support, fostering reliability, responsiveness, and adaptability. Here’s a detailed overview of the support and commitments our partners can expect:

Beginning with Tech Integration

Our support journey begins with the technical integration phase. We offer extensive assistance to address unique needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding process. Our team works closely with partners to navigate through the integration, addressing any queries and providing necessary guidance.

Support of Operations

Once integration is complete, we continue to provide steadfast support for daily operations. Our tiered support system is designed to address various types of queries and issues:

  • Level 1: This level handles queries directly raised by the original sender or beneficiary, including requests for additional information regarding transfers. The sending partner is primary responsible for resolving these issues, acknowledging that R360 normally does not directly respond to Level 1 enquiries from original senders and beneficiaries.
  • Level 2: Queries at this level are escalated to a specialist team, such as the technical team or back-office team, for resolution.
  • Level 3: This level addresses queries that are escalated from Level 2 due to their complexity and/or because the resolution will require a system change/update. R360 provides dedicated support to resolve these advanced queries.

Clarifying Issue Severity

  • Critical Issues: These are issues where the R360 services are inaccessible and/or unable to operate, requiring 24/7 support with a 1-hour response and 4-hour resolution time.
  • Major Issues: These involve operational faults that significantly affect normal operation, with a response time of 2 hours and resolution in 8 hours during business hours.
  • Minor Issues: These are faults that do not significantly affect normal operation, with a response in 8 hours and resolution in 24 hours during business hours.

Platform Availability and Scheduled Maintenance

We strive for a platform availability target of 99.95%, ensuring consistent and reliable service. To maintain this high level of availability, we conduct occasional scheduled maintenance activities, including software upgrades and capacity increases, which are communicated in advance to minimize any inconvenience. We also employ advanced system monitoring tools to ensure optimal performance and proactive issue resolution.

Customized Support Channels

Recognizing the diversity in partners’ needs, we establish dedicated support channels for each partner, even integrating with their support systems if needed.

Service Level Commitments

We expect from our future partners to agree to specific commitments, including immediate confirmation of payment instructions, transaction status updates, and addressing customer complaints promptly, within a minimum time frame for at least 90% of all requests.

R360 is dedicated to providing exceptional support from the initial stages of tech integration through to ongoing operations. Our commitment to transparency, reliability, and collaboration builds enduring partnerships and ensures smooth transaction experiences.