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To ensure the high availability of our platform, we’ve implemented several measures:

AWS Cloud Infrastructure: Our Money Transfer Platform (MTP) is hosted on AWS, renowned for its reliable and resilient cloud infrastructure. AWS offers features such as multi-availability zone deployment and data redundancy within two independent data centers in London, ensuring that our platform remains available and operational even in the face of unforeseen challenges or high demand.

Dynamic Scaling & Load Balancing: We employ advanced technologies for dynamic scaling and load balancing within our AWS environment. These mechanisms allow us to efficiently manage varying loads by distributing incoming traffic evenly and adjusting computing resources in real-time, ensuring optimal performance during high-demand periods.

Responsive Technical Support: Recognizing the intricate nature of integration and the potential for issues stemming from changes in the remittance chain, we are committed to delivering immediate and comprehensive support. Our technical team is equipped to respond promptly to any issues or concerns raised by our partners, ensuring swift resolution and minimal disruption.

Backup Payment Providers: In addition to our primary payout partner, we have arrangements with backup payment providers. This redundancy ensures that service remains uninterrupted and transactions are processed seamlessly, even if issues arise with our primary partner (note: some payout locations may not have a backup provider yet).

Commitment to Service Availability: We adhere to a target availability rate of 99.95%, aligning with industry standards. This underscores our focus on minimizing downtime and providing a dependable platform for user transactions. Our approach involves continuous monitoring and prompt resolution of technical issues, emphasizing reliability and uninterrupted service delivery.

By combining these strategies, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to offering a resilient, reliable, and continuously available platform for our users.