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Our platform is designed to facilitate money transfers between individuals, enabling the sending of funds to loved ones, sharing gifts, or managing shared expenses across different countries.

We invite financial institutions to connect to our R360 network. This connection allows them to conduct cross-border remittances through our platform, expanding their reach and a range of transaction options available to individuals.

To cater to the varied needs of our users, we offer several payout methods, with availability subject to location:

  • Cash Payout: For those preferring tangible transactions, cash can be collected directly from our partners’ offices (typically banks).
  • Card Payout: Funds are directly credited to the recipient’s card for immediate access.
  • Account (IBAN) Payout:  Funds are transferred to a recipient’s bank account using the International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
  • E-Wallet Payout: Funds are transferred to a digital wallet, accessible through a mobile app or online platform.
  • Mobile Payout: Funds are transferred to a recipient’s mobile account, allowing them to access the money via their mobile device.
  • Home delivery: Transferred funds are delivered directly to the recipient’s doorstep or specified address.

We are open to discussing additional payout options with potential partners. Our platform is highly configurable, and our technical team is available to explore new possibilities while maintaining compliance with AML regulations.